Clean Energy Technologies

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Since 2004 US Clean Energy is constantly developing PV & CSP system for different application such as power plants, process steam, desalination, air conditioning, water pumping, street lights etc.

PV System Development: US Clean Energy is working day and night to bring a system which can produce highest amount of energy compared to all standard PV system in the market. US Clean Energy has developed a unique patented system to harness the sun energy using smart PV system™ which enhances the output by average 50% more. Smart PV system™ has many advantages both in installation and operation. It is flexible and modular as small as in KWp to as large as in MWp power system. It can be mounted on the roof or on the ground. It can install as ON grid and OFF grid system.

Modular Smart PV System™ consist of Solar panels + Smart Structure™ + Smart Mirror™ + Smart Drive™ + Smart Motor™ + Smart Tracker™.

Our many plants are operational globally as small as 2.16KWp to 1MWp. Results are phenomenal.

Application: Power plants On grid and Off grid, Water pumping, Solar street lights etc.

CSP system Development: In the same year clean energy started to develop solar thermal energy system using a deep parabolic trough design Branded as "Smartrof™" Overcoming lot of engineering issues from the standard trough design. Smartrof™ is a glass free mirror trough using metallic solar mirror. The performance of the smartrof™ is not depended on the amount of dust and dirt on the metallic mirror. The mirror used has lot of advantages light in weight, hydrophilic, easy to bend to required shape, mass production, unbreakable, easy to install and clean.

CSP SYSTEM CONSIST OF: Smartrof™ + HTF piping circuit + Heat Exchanger + Turbine / Generator + Evacuation circuit.

Operational 3MWe solar thermal power plant. Results are exceptionally better compared to standard csp plants.

Application: Power plant, Process steam plants, A/C and Desalination.

Desalination System Development: Since 2004 we have been working on developing 100% green and clean system to produce fresh water from sea, brackish, waste water, Industrial water and gray water. Expected date for completion of demo plant is Dec 2014. The plant will be install at Alamogordo, in state of New Mexico USA at a federal site.

Desalination system: Smartrof™ + Green pump + RO unit

Solar Water Pumping System: US Clean Energy has design and developed solar water pumping system. This system is design to meet the needs of farmers and farm houses where grid power is not available or is in short supply. Here we have eliminated the battery bank. Our system supply the highest volume of water discharge as compared to other systems availabe in the market.

Solar water pumping system: Smart PV system™ + Smart controller + Water pump.

Solar Street Lights: US clean energy has developed the brain of the solar street lights the smart charge controller. This charge controller is design to work in different weather and dusty conditions. Most of the street lights are failing because of Charge controller and battery problems. We have eliminated the charge controller problem by robust design.

Solar street light: PV Panel + Smart Charge controller + battery + Cables + Luminary.

Global Leader in providing clean & Green Technology.

We at US Clean Energy technologies Inc , strongly believe in providing clean energy technologies to the world by doing this our role is to address the planet earth issues of environmental degradation caused by the green house gas effect. We do this by producing the most efficient, reliable, cost effect products on the market. Supporting local, national and international policies helps make solar the energy choice of people across the Globe. We provide clean & green solutions which are sustainable and long lasting.